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Agro Plantarum AB


Agro Plantarum is a Swedish company engaged in research and development concerning plant pathology in agricultural and horticultural crops. Agro Plantarum participates in different research projects. Customers and cooperation partners are universities, companies for production of vegetables, private farmers, seed companies and authorities. Agro Plantarum owns a farm with 75 hectars of different soil types available for field trials.

Agro Plantarum was founded in 2012 by PhD Mariann Wikström and is run as a family business together with her husband John. As the amount of projects and assignments have increased the workforce has expanded and Agro Plantraum has now two employees, MSc Fia Birch-Jensen and  MSc Sara Ragnarsson. In addition different subcontractors are involved.

Agro Plantarum offers:

  • Soil tests for soilborne diseases
  • Diagnostics of pathogens
  • Field trials in large and small scale
  • Experiments in greenhouse
  • Consulting
  • Requested assignments

For more information please contact Mariann:

+46 760 90 98 08,

Agro Plantarum AB

Kärrarpsvägen 410

265 90 Åstorp